AD999 II
Specification of a weighting model AD999 II

  • The system automatically adjusts zero. (Auto zero maintainance)
  • Read detailed settings from 600 to 100,000 Division and was selected as decimals.
    And read the details for up to 1 kilogram. For weight trucks.
  • Can set the date and time.
  • To calculate the net weight and cost.
  • Weight data, such as vehicle weight, including weight, net weight is 2,000 vehicles on time and can view the number of items stored has.
  • Keep the name Thai has 60 types of species per 25 characters and can retrieve the number stored at.
  • Keep the name customers in the Thai language has 220 names 25 characters each name and number can be found at the store.
  • Can print a card balance, type the following information.
  • Type a name for the header is a name and details in the Thai language.
  • Type Date Time No. plate weighing Customer Name Product.
    Name Weight Weight Total weight of car and net price.
  • Print report and details the total separation.
  • Plate number, customer name, product name and type of separate purchases - sales.
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