Program weight truck


      A program of technology development. NET, which supports the system WINDOWS XP - SP2, WINDOWS VISTA and the new future.


  • Easy to use, the user can learn to work in a short time. With contact.Users in the WINDOWS familiar.
  • Most data is entered, simply use the Mouse click.
  • The data stored is entirely for tasks weigh the truck.
  • Weight Weight readers read directly from a REAL TIME as Law Minister.
  • To design the screens while weigh have suitable. Do not enter or skip the section.
  • Designed to change the text, font type and size,.
    Font color, background color is beautiful as you wish.
  • Deliberate card design and report in a WINDOWS Mobile location data with the Mouse type and font size is not limited. Define the left right design cards weigh a mere 8 advance copy to use.
  • A backup system. Apply information To bring data to other programs such as Excel
  • The scope of the usage for each employee.To information security and fraud together.
  • Edit the record to check back.
  • Can not change the weight by weight Law Department.
  • Update new version of the program at any time without charge.

    Card design. Define the title cards weigh ourselves.

    Report design Define the data you want to print a custom


    Download manual TRUCKBASE

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