Digital Weight
Batching Controller
  • For measuring the volume of agricultural and industrial products such as rice, sugar, yam tablets, raw plastic makes note of volume each day.
  • Can use the flow scale.Scale packaging or weight has mixed concrete.


  • Menu commands and functions are different Thai made easy to use.
  • Can connect directly to the controller.The need not for Relay or external control cabinet.Makes it easy to install.
  • PI-LC can store the total weight and number of bags or burlap packaged.
  • Display will show up weight. And can display information stored in the system.
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  • The main screen displays the weight and can choose to display the data stored by the selected display 2 values together, the SETPOINT, total weight, number of bags.
  • A Serial port 2 channel number. Able to work with your computer.


    LCD screen size 132 mm.(width ) x 39 mm. (long)
    Internal resolution
    Display resolution
    Input signal
    0 to 20 mV
    Display increment
    Decimal point
    0 to 4 positions
    Operation temperature
    -10 to + 40?C
    Control output
    220 VAC 4 point (can add up to 8 points)
    Output signal
    RS-232 2 channel.
    Physical dimension
    300 (widht) x 290 (length) x 100 (height) mm.
    3.7 kg
    Power supply
    220 VAC 50 Hz


    Download Brochure PI-LC
    Download Manual PI-LC

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