Multi-scale. Products that can be charged. Just enter the price they will charge the total. There are also other features such as the number of pieces, weighing a continuous basis up to 99 items, write-in memory, etc. 4 items.



  • Weight rang 6, 15, 30 kg.
  • Display increment 1, 2, 5 g.
  • Can be charged, the number of pieces have, weighing a total price of up to 99 items.
    You can also record up to 4 price list
  • Display LED-7Segment height 1.5 cm display both front and back (2 in).
  • LCD display with 3 screen.
    - Monitor weight: 5 digits.
    - Price Display: 5 digits.
    - Display total price: 6 digits.
  • Program alert when the battery low.
  • Weighing pan size: 32 x 23 cm (width x length).
  • Power Supply DC 9 V, battery 6.8-69/1.2A.
  • Warranty 1 year
              LPC through the inspection certification requirements.
    From the Bureau of Internal Trade Department measure. Ministry of Commerce.


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